Business to Business (B2B) Data

Our WeBuild Services is aimed for building Business Data. We specialise in Business Information data services primarily used by organisations for marketing purposes. In this age of data, Sentient are able to use utilise cutting edge technology which can be value added by a human resource that gives Sentient the ability to provide perfect new age B2B data services with unparalleled accuracy, cost and compliance.


Business Information (B2B) Data List Build

Business Lists Made to Order. Sentient offer services combing machine learning automation and experienced research data agents giving you a solution which can help you build b2b data lists, these are verified and accurate providing you the highest quality of lists. Finding the right contacts, decision makers which can also be from niche industries and not just the vertical industries. We pride ourselves in offering 95%-97% contact email delivery rate. We have to account for technical error of up to 5% on email delivery. Due to this being a hybrid technology and human resource solution the time to data collation, verification and delivery is with the quickest turnaround solution in some cases under 24-48 hours for 1000's of companies. The monitoring 100's of thousands of business information data sources through machine learning & automation which is then "made sense of" using experienced data agents and analysts and presented as data list as per your requirement. Data can be collected from globally not just limited to the UK, any industry and vertical no matter how big or small.


Business Information (B2B) Data Append

We are also able to feed a list in of company names and populate this data with all the necessary business information requirements, these include, company name, address, telephone numbers, job titles as per requirement and names, contact email addresses, size, identify services / products / solutions offerings, social media profiles, organisation level and contact title level.


Business Information (B2B) Data Validation

Our business information Data Validation service is of particular use where you already have company lists and data but the quality of the data has deteriorated, keep in mind the ever moving business information data landscape degrades at 30% every six months, majority of this is contacts no longer that position additional factors also have to be taken into consideration company structure changes, dissolving, being acquired etc. Having data which is going stale is also a cost to you organisation. With Sentient being able to validate your current list no matter what shape it's in, this allows you to maximise the results of your activity related data that you already have. As an added bonus additional information from appended as per the requirement.